Our services

Our services

Upon hearing customer's needs and grasping the products that need to be made, we conduct materials procurement, processing, and quality control.
Moreover, even if there are processes that SAN-AI cannot handle, don't worry! We make sure to complete the products via our business partners.
SAN-AI's marketing team, plants and business partners pull together to make the products you want.

  • Contribution to industry

    Contribution to industry

    After processing materials procured from various material manufacturers in our own factory, we deliver them to various industries.
    We also process materials supplied by customers (consignment processing), and if we cannot handle it ourselves, we also outsource to partner companies.
    If you leave it to San-ai, it is possible to finish the product according to the customer's request through our own factory and partner companies.

  • Hearing and proposal

    Hearing and proposal

    We propose the optimum materials and processing methods upon hearing the customer's needs.
    Even in case of products with vague materials and processing methods, we strive to complete the same through holding meetings.

  • Processing


    SAN-AI owns roughly 100 machines, which are used according to the contents of materials and products.
    We utilize these machines to make the products that our customers want. Even if the necessary processes entail using machines that SAN-AI doesn't possess, we make sure that a consistent finish is achieved through consigning work to our business partners.

    ※We also accept orders to process materials prepared by customers.

  • Material Procurement

    Material Procurement

    SAN-AI's work entails more than just processing. Please leave everything from procurement of materials for various manufacturers to processing.

    ※We also accept orders to process materials prepared by customers.

  • Quality Control

    SAN-AI has built it plant systems to meet the quality standards of various industries (we have acquired ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification).
    We have cleanrooms and actively introduce inspection equipment as needs arise.

Leave it to SAN-AI if you want to discuss material procurement and processing.

Please use our inquiry form for queries concerning anything from material procurement to processing (consigning everything from material procurement to processing, or requesting processing of company materials etc.). SAN-AI offers proposals tailored to the needs of customers.