Processing Contents

SAN-AI conducts various types of processing according to the material.
Here, we introduce our major processes.

List of Processing Contents

  • Slitting

    The slitter is a machine that winds out rolled sheets of paper, nonwoven fabric, film, adhesive tape, metallic foil and other sheets while cutting them with blades in the direction of flow, and then winding back the slit materials as individual rolls.

  • Sheet Processing

    A sheet processing (flat paper processing) machine uses blades to cut roll or sheet paper, nonwoven fabric, adhesive tape, film, etc. according to the desired dimensions (sheet).

  • Punching

    Punching entails pressing a punching die (hereafter, “die”) against the target material and thereby cutting it into various shapes.

  • Laminating

    Laminating refers to the process whereby materials are superimposed onto other materials through the medium of adhesive layer.

  • Waxing

    This machine coats wax onto paper.

  • Other Processing

    Introducing the wet towels, Multi-Processing Machines, Folding Machines

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