Quality Control

Quality Control

SAN-AI's Continuously Evolving Quality Management – Aiming for Higher Customer Satisfaction
  • Quality Control System for Fully Satisfying customer's Requirements

    “Establishment of a production system that fits with customer needs”
    SAN-AI's quality policy reflects the philosophy that has underpinned our identity ever since the company was founded. As a specialist paper processing maker situated closer than any other to customers who are based in the major consumer region of Osaka, SAN-AI is equipped with a wide range of production equipment for fully responding to diverse requirements; moreover, we have established quality control and quality assurance systems for responding to customer's needs.
    In recent years, responding to growing needs for precise quality in such fields as IT and medical care, we implement continuous improvement through repeating the PDCA cycle based on ISO9001 (Quality Management System). As a result of such efforts, we continue to steadily achieve annual goals such as reducing user complaints by 30%, cutting late deliveries to no more than one incident per month per department, lowering the in-process nonconformity rate to 10%, having at least one productivity improvement challenge in each manufacturing department and so on.
    Moreover, amidst growing interest in environmental affairs following enactment of the RoHS Directive, we consider environmental management to be another aspect of quality. Based on ISO14001 (Environmental Management System), we are actively engaged in efforts to improve yield rate in production processes and also to certify the safety of procured materials.

  • Establishment of Rapid Improvement Flow while Aiming for Technology Equalization and a Complete Inspection Setup

    The vast majority of nonconformities and delivery delays that incur claims from customers arise from human errors in production processes. In an effort to eliminate human errors, we are working on the equalization of production technology. We have prepared and continue to update QC process control charts, written work procedures, and training materials for first-time operators according to each product. Moreover, as an independent entity separate from the Manufacturing Department, the Quality Control Department periodically conducts patrols of production lines, conducting detailed checks of the lines and work environments, while identifying and offering advice on improvement points.
    In addition, we have established a thorough inspection system. As well as inspecting dimensions using scales and rulers, we conduct inspections using image measurement devices for products that have strict dimensional tolerance requirements.
    Furthermore, in readiness for cases where defects are found in products in spite of such inspections, we have established a flow for promptly giving reports to customers, while identifying causes and making improvements. Concerning original fabric, because we confer control numbers and conduct management based on barcodes, we can also identify non-conformities that arise from materials.

  • Responding Flexibly and Promptly to customer's Individual Needs

    While making company-wide efforts to improve customer satisfaction, SAN-AI constantly receives inquiries and requests concerning new manufacturing conditions. Sometimes, however, our production equipment and inspection systems are unable to meet all the resulting demands from customers. In such cases, we take a positive approach to introducing new production equipment and inspection devices. In particular, concerning products used in the field of electronic materials, rigorous quality assurance is needed. Depending on the required level and the finished shapes and sizes of products, it is not unusual for us to also develop original inspection equipment.
    In this way, establishing setups and systems inside plants is another important function of the SAN-AI Quality Control Department. In order to fulfill this role, not only are speed and flexibility required, but it is also essential to have close cooperation with the people in marketing and on the manufacturing lines. There is no final goal when it comes to establishing the quality control setup. To continue responding to the needs of customers as they continue to change and evolve with the times, SAN-AI is committed to seeking improvement while our Marketing Department, Manufacturing Department, and Quality Control Department continue to make concerted challenges.

  • Efforts to raise the quality awareness and level of each employee

    We have been challenging the quality control test for the entire company (for those who wish to take the test).
    The reason for the challenge was that one of our customers introduced us to this certification test,
    Since then, we have continued to take up the challenge.

    Although the test is related to quality, many employees from not only the quality control department but also from other departments such as sales, production control, and manufacturing have taken the test.

    The results of passing or failing the test vary, but we feel that the positive attitude of each employee has a positive impact on their daily work, with some taking a second chance and others aiming to further improve their skills by moving up a grade.

    We also believe that passing the exam is not always the right answer.
    In the process of preparing for the exam, we learn how to think about quality control and how to approach solutions when problems occur.
    I believe that this will be useful in the future, regardless of the outcome of the exam.

    Above all, we believe that the most important thing is the desire to take on challenges and to raise awareness through these challenges.

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