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What is FSC® certification?

Forests occupy one-third of the land area of ​​the earth, but their area is decreasing year by year and has become a major problem at the world level.
The main causes are random logging, illegal logging, and large-scale conversion to unplanned farmland and plantations.
Under such circumstances, appropriate forest management for the purpose of sustainable forest utilization and conservation is required.
FSC®: Forest Stewardship Council® was established in 1993 against the background of such problems.
The FSC® certification system evaluates and certifies whether forest management is properly carried out in consideration of the environment and local communities.
It proves that it is a product from such forests.
By selecting FSC® certified products, consumers support foresters and regions that perform appropriate forest management, and use their products as raw materials.
It will instruct the companies and businesses that use it, which will lead to forest conservation throughout the world.
There are two types of FSC® forest certification, FM certification and CoC certification, both of which require proper management.


FM certification (forest management certification)

Forest Management Certification
Based on the FSC® Forest Management Principles and Standards, evaluate whether trees are being logged from properly managed forests without illegal logging and efforts are being made to conserve the forests.

CoC approval (management of processing and distribution process)

Forest Management Certification
Evaluate whether FSC® certified materials are managed by distinguishing them from other products in the processing and distribution process.

10 principles of FSC® forest certification

●Compliance with the law
●Workers' rights and working environment
●Indigenous peoples rights
●Relationship with the community
●Benefits of forests
●Environmental value and impact on the environment
●Management plan
●Monitoring and evaluation
●High protection value
●Implementation of management activities

Policy Statement on FSC® Core Labor Requirements

1. Prohibition of child labor
We do not allow children under the minimum working age to work in our business activities.

2. Prohibition of forced labor
We do not force unjust work in any form of employment.

3. Elimination of discrimination in occupation and employment
We will not ignore human rights such as sexual harassment and power harassment.

4. Freedom of association and respect for collective bargaining rights
"We will strive for smooth communication between labor and management.
Based on the rules, we respect the right to participate in collective bargaining and the freedom of association.

QMS Scope of Application
Business name
Certification acquisition date
November 29, 2021
Authentication number
License number
Registration range
Purchase, storage and sale of FSC® forest certified paper
Certification body
SGS Japan Co., Ltd.

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