Company Information


  • Head Office

    3-3-3 Minamitanabe, Higashisumiyoshi-ku, Osaka
    TEL:06-6692-3377 FAX:06-6696-3169

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  • Neyagawa Plant

    2-15-5 Niwajihonmachi, Neyagawa, Osaka
    TEL:072-838-1031~3 FAX:072-829-3349

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  • Neyagawa No.2 Plant

    3-19-25 Niwajihonmachi, Neyagawa, Osaka
    TEL:072-838-1199 FAX:072-829-3349

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  • Tondabayashi Plant

    2-chome Nakanochonishi, Tondabayashi, Osaka
    TEL:0721-24-5851 FAX:0721-24-5811

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  • Shikoku Plant

    1094-2 Mendoricho,Shikokuchuo-shi, Ehime
    TEL:0896-58-2598 FAX:0896-58-2593

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Leave it to SAN-AI if you want to discuss material procurement and processing.

Please use our inquiry form for queries concerning anything from material procurement to processing (consigning everything from material procurement to processing, or requesting processing of company materials etc.). SAN-AI offers proposals tailored to the needs of customers.