Plants and Facilities

Neyagawa Plant

Neyagawa Plant

Plant establishment: 1978 Site area: 4,932m² Plant area: 5,500m²
Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001

The history of SAN-AI, which has “challenged the possibilities of paper”, is also a history of “development of original processing methods”. Ever since the founding of SAN-AI, the goal of Neyagawa Plant has been to serve as an arm of work processes and effect ideas for improving the usability of paper from the viewpoint of customers. Our attitude is that there is no paper or film that cannot be cut, and if we encounter something that cannot be cut, to accept the challenge. There is no more to be said. We wish for nothing more than customer satisfaction. We will bring together our total capabilities in an effort to respond to everybody's expectations.

Equipment at Neyagawa Plant

  • Sheet Cutter 35

    Maximum base paper width1300mm
    For processing flat leaves of adhesive paper for the separator, etc.

  • Pressing,Seal processing 134

    Maximum product dimensions 200mm×150mm
    Inside the cleanroom

  • Wide, large-size slitter 32

    Original fabric maximum width1650mm
    Maximum products finishing diameter Ø2000mm

  • Double axis slitters 28

    Original fabric maximum width1280mm
    Original fabric maximum width Ø550mm

  • Single axis slitters 13

    Original fabric maximum width1280mm Minimum product width 12mm
    Float winding

  • Single axis slitters 15

    Original fabric maximum width1380mm
    Minimum product width 20mm

  • Continuous pressing,Seal processing 117

    Maximum product dimensions 240mm×240mm
    (155mm×155mm When die is attached)
    Laminating Pressing Stripping
    Continuous rolling or cutting is possible
    Inside the cleanroom

  • Single shot pressing 141

    Scudding press Product maximum width 700mm×500mm
    Various materials

  • Pressing with image recognition 128

    Printing film, etc. can be pressed upon positioning by CCD camera. Product maximum width 500mm×450mm Inside the cleanroom

  • Guillotine 25

    Product maximum width and flow 1120mm×1260mm
    Inside the cleanroom film For dedicated use with clean paper

  • Sheet Cutter 34

    Product maximum width and flow 1150mm×800mm
    Inside the cleanroom

  • Double axis slitters 58

    Original fabric maximum width 1280mm Original fabric maximum width Ø600
    High pressure room

  • Guillotine 100

    Large-die drum cutting machine and coupled cutting machine
    Maximum width 2800mm

  • Drum cutters 100

    Product maximum width 2800mm×6500mm

  • IPA-10T 154

    Material width within 340mm Product size within 290mm x 245mm
    Roll material punching equipment.
    Positioning punching processing using a camera is also possible.

Leave it to SAN-AI if you want to discuss material procurement and processing.

Please use our inquiry form for queries concerning anything from material procurement to processing (consigning everything from material procurement to processing, or requesting processing of company materials etc.). SAN-AI offers proposals tailored to the needs of customers.