Plants and Facilities

Neyagawa No.2 Plant

Neyagawa No.2 Plant

Plant establishment: 2003 Site area: 2,301m² Plant area: 4,080m²
Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001

If Neyagawa Plant is the primary facility of SAN-AI in terms of scale and equipment, Neyagawa No. 2 Plant is a "strategic plant" with an eye on future markets. Moving from the level of simple cutting, this plant has helped us evolve into a "proposed development-based processing" maker. In recognition of this stance and our work record, orders for processing of non-paper materials such as film and nonwoven fabric have increased. Orders originate from the light electrical appliance and IT sectors, in which absolute precision is demanded in products. To respond to such demands, this plant has installed a cleanroom with a view to properly responding to the sophisticated requirements of customers. Our customer's needs are becoming increasingly diversified together with the times, however, no matter what kind of requirement is voiced, we are confident that we can give a definite response.

Equipment at Neyagawa No.2 Plant

  • Small roll 056

    Fully automated small roll winding machine installed inside a single-color printing machine

  • Single axis slitters 104

    Original fabric maximum width1400mm
    Original fabric maximum width Ø600mm

  • Wide, large-size slitter 37

    Original fabric maximum width1750mm
    High-speed winder with float winding capability

  • トラバース加工94

    Processing length can be extended through conducting traverse processing
    Inside the cleanroom

  • Double axis slitters 98

    Original fabric maximum width1700mm
    Various film slitting Inside the cleanroom

  • Sheet slitter 103

    Slitting of emboss carrier sheet and other thick sheets Slitting possible from width of 8mm Inside the cleanroom

  • Micro slitters 26

    Original fabric maximum width780mm
    Micro slitting of cover tape and films Inside the cleanroom

  • Other slitting/battery uses

    Rechargeable battery separator slitting
    Inside the cleanroom

  • Other slitting/For metallic foil and RFID

    RFID film (capable of inspecting slit position) and metallic foil slitting Inside the cleanroom

  • Micro slitters 109

    Slitting of cover tape and various film
    Inside the cleanroom

  • Laminating 99

    Capable of laminating and slitting protective film on HCPET and other films Capable of slitting Original fabric maximum width1250mm
    Inside the cleanroom

  • Other slitting/Adhesive products

    Original fabric maximum width800mm

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