Plants and Facilities

Shikoku Plant

Shikoku Plant

Plant establishment: 2004 Site area: 2,300m² Plant area: 1,500m²

Located in Shikoku-chuo City in Ehime Prefecture, which is one of the leading paper production areas in Japan, this plant naturally possesses equipment for performing the company's original goal of “cutting”, and it is also equipped with coating equipment that enables it to perform surface processing of food packaging materials and fruit growing bags, dyeing of wrapping and packaging paper and other countless applications. In this way, it can propose and offer a comprehensive range of products to customers. Moreover, products made on its large-size wet towels manufacturing equipment are widely used and well-received in households, hospitals, care facilities and so on.

Equipment at Shikoku Plant

  • Manufacture of wet towels 110

    Large wet towel manufacturing machine

  • Double axis slitters 62

    Original fabric maximum width 1100mm
    Maximum finishing diameter Ø200mm

  • Single axis slitters 14

    Original fabric maximum width 1300mm

  • Drum cutters 7

    Product maximum width 1800mm×5000mm

  • Printing, dyeing, waxing

    Maximum base paper width 1240mm, Food uses, printing (flexo 1 color), dyeing ,waxing
    Inside a clean booth

  • Folding 127

    Food wax paper folding machine
    Inside a clean booth

  • Drum cutters Food 132

    Product maximum width and flow 1300mm×3000mm
    Food wrapping possible Inside a clean booth

  • Guillotine 112

    Product maximum width and flow 1370mm×1320㎜
    Food wrapping possible Inside a clean booth

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