Plants and Facilities

Tondabayashi Plant

Tondabayashi Plant

Plant establishment: 1989 Site area: 3,279m² Plant area: 3,153m²
Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001

Tondabayashi Plant fully operates as an authoritative facility in the realm of flat paper centering on lamination and punching. Possessing equipment for performing cutting - interleaving paper - punching - packaging, it responds to various needs. Mainly working on “paper”, its current customers include major electrical machinery makers and major paper manufacturers, however, it has also installed a cleanroom to address increasingly common needs for processing film materials into members for use in precision instruments. Tondabayashi Plant has established a unique and rigorous inspection setup and installed inspection equipment, and it also takes the utmost measures with respect to its quality control setup.

Equipment at Tondabayashi Plant

  • Rotary cutters 63,64

    Original fabric maximum width 左1700mm 右1400mm
    Maximum paper density 600g/m²

  • Thomson 85

    Maximum base paper dimensions 740×1020

  • Paper laminating 80

    3-sheet simultaneous laminating machine
    Maximum product thickness 6mm

  • Inspection and assembly work

    Quality inspection and product inspections inside the cleanroom

  • Continuous pressing,Seal processing 76

    Laminating, pressing (2 points), stripping functions, winding and flat paper finishing
    Maximum width 230mm Inside the cleanroom

  • Single shot pressing 65

    Maximum dimensions 800mm×600mm
    Maximum load 80t

  • Guillotine 72

    Cutting machine with paper feed and removal mechanism

  • Small roll 70

    Fully automated small roll machine

  • Machine for making albums and pharmacy bags 116

    Mounts for printed albums, film pharmacy bags, etc.

  • Thomson 152

    Punching pressure 300t Material thickness 0.1~2mm
    Product size Minimum 400mm x 330mm Maximum 1,060mm x 740mm
    Product and waste can be separated and taken out.

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