Processing Contents

Other Processing

  • wet towels

    SAN-AI produces and sells large-size (300㎜×350㎜) wet towels. We also undertake OEM production.

  • Multi-Processing Machines

    It is possible to conduct printing, laminating, punching, and slitting on a single line. We can also supply products finished in the shape of “rolls”, “sheets”, “accordion-folded” according to the needs of customers.

  • Folding Machines

    It is possible to process roll paper into sheets and pack them into cases on a single line. The packed paper pops up from the cases and can be taken out in the same way as tissue paper.

  • Folding and Winding

    It is possible to finish rolled materials by folding them in the width direction.
    Please contact us first as it depends on the material, width of the roll, length to be bent, etc.

Leave it to SAN-AI if you want to discuss material procurement and processing.

Please use our inquiry form for queries concerning anything from material procurement to processing (consigning everything from material procurement to processing, or requesting processing of company materials etc.). SAN-AI offers proposals tailored to the needs of customers.